Penon Partnership: providing accredited, professional turnaround support to UK Business

Penon Partnership's core clients are SME's, typically £5 to 50 million annual sales, frequently driven by highly entrepreneurial management.

We have an extensive track record and experience in manufacturing & engineering businesses but have delivered successful outcomes in a much wider range of markets and products.
Our core service offering includes rapid business issue diagnosis, ‘100 day’ recovery planning, hands on business turnaround implementation as well as longer term senior management support.

We are used to working in turbulent market and internal conditions and are able to rapidly change business models & operating structures to stabilise businesses deliver better profits & cash stability to provide a platform for future growth.

Penon Partnership’s is a no nonsense approach to business encouraging straight talking and cutting to the chase at the first opportunity. Where time is always of the essence this ability to get to the crux quickly and to develop and implement a credible alternative plan can really make a difference.

Don’t wait for the market to change. For a confidential, no obligations initial conversation contact Penon Partnership today.

Penon Partnership, delivering stakeholder value